Paola Mariselli

Product Designer

Public Speaking

I love connecting with people and empowering them to create and grow by sharing my career path and ideas in product design at events around the world.

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    Upcoming Events


    UX copenhagen

    03/07-08/17 - Copenhagen, Denmark

    This third annual UX Copenhagen conference will include talks and workshops from leaders in the field of user-centered design, invisible UI, and human behavior. Learn how your business can profit from infusing your company's culture with design thinking strategies and empower your users, customers and employees.

    Fellow Speakers:
    David de Leon, Lene Nielsen, Jose Abdelnour Nocera, Rolf Hapel, Lena Egede, Tina Dejan, Zoltan Kollin, Nikkel Blaase, Charlotte Kling Petersen, Pete Trainor, James Murray, Ida Aalen, Ina Rosen, Jenny Shirey


    Past Events


    02/03-04/17 - New York, NY

    Design education happens everywhere. The 2017 Interaction Design Education Summit explores learning design broadly, considering it from its most traditional to most unexpected, from its current state to its future possibility. The Summit asks how does context and collaboration influence learning?

    In this two-hour workshop, we’ll talk about education the Facebook way. Design Program Managers, UX Researchers, and Product Designers will share examples and stories of how education programs can be an integral part of design culture. In a series of lightning talks, we will discuss the methods and impact of design education, explore formal and informal structures, and share personal narratives of how education programming can impact design careers.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Michelle Morrison, Shalin Pei, Jill Campaiola, Jill Nussbaum, Jacklyn Laryea, Madelin Woods, Benjamin Dauer

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    01/11/17 - Menlo Park, CA

    IXDC (International Experience Design Association) is hosting an international design trip for design leaders from China, including design directors and senior managers from top Chinese tech companies and professors from the top design schools in China. In this tour, delegates will be learning about Facebook's design process and best practices.

    Designing at Facebook: How does one approach designing for a billion people? We will look at our design process and how we handle design at the scale of Facebook. We will also discuss the product design role, how our teams are structured, and our evaluation framework for creating quality products.

    Interpreter: Kai Ding

    Fellow Speakers:
    Zhongli Dong, Yanling Wang


    mobx mobile ux summit

    09/09/16 - Berlin, Germany

    This conference is for all you creative minds out there who deal with user experience, interfaces and interactions in mobile contexts. It’s not primarily for developers (but we do love you, nonetheless). MOBX is for all those who love small, mobile interfaces and smart experiences, good usability and consistent behavior.

    Designing for the Next Billion People: Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected. We know the next billion people to access Facebook will be different than the last billion. What does designing for the next billion people entail? In looking at our design process for emerging markets, we will learn about our approach to product design in general. We will discuss building products with empathy, the value of working cross-functionally, and how to create quality products for everyone, regardless of their connection or device.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Kim Goodwin, Andreas Wegner, Tanya Kraljic, Martin Wezowski, Dorit Mielke, C. Todd Lombardo, Wolf Bruning, James Archer, Thorsten Jonas, Rafael Conde



    07/25/16 - Menlo Park, CA

    CLYLP (Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project) Comcast Fellows program will visit Facebook to hear from technology professionals on their education and career paths.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Vicky Molina Estolano, Rachel Bautista



    05/20/16 - Menlo Park, CA

    Napa High School students will visit Facebook to get inspired by technology professionals from non-traditional education paths.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Rafael Pantoja Jr, Jo Padilla, Andrea Belalcazar



    04/25/16 - Menlo Park, CA

    At Facebook TechStart, we work with public high schools to connect students to the amazing world of technology by teaching and inspiring the next generation. This event will recognize the best computer science students from each school and will feature a panel of technology professionals. They will discuss their roles at Facebook and showcase the various applications of a technical education.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Dwayne Reeves, Alejandra Quevedo, Hector Garcia


    san mateo genealogical society

    04/07/16 - Redwood City, CA

    This afternoon workshop will teach seniors how to use Facebook to enrich their lives, including finding friends and pages, posting content, and curating their feeds.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Max Sung, Omid Farivar, Jeff Wieland, Lauren Wilson, Cynthia Huynh



    12/04/15 - Menlo Park, CA

    As part of the Hayward Promise Neighborhood Program, students from Tennyson and Hayward High Schools will visit Facebook to hear from technology professionals on their roles and non-traditional education paths.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Jackie Garrido, Jennifer Fong, Aaron Russell


    veterans memorial senior center

    10/02/15 - Redwood City, CA

    As part of the annual Active Aging Week, this workshop will help seniors learn basic Facebook skills, such as registering, connecting with friends and family, and sharing posts and photos.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Max Sung, Katherine Stalder, Vinita Deshpande, Elise Carstensen, Mukesh Nayak


    HARVARd university

    09/04/14 - Cambridge, MA

    Come meet GSAS (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) masters students and learn from their experiences and insights on job prospects, scholarships, and programs. This event is sponsored by Harvard's Graduate Student Council.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Giulio Amodeo, Rachel Leng, Hannah Director


    HPAIR (Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations) ASIA conference

    08/22-26/14 - Tokyo, Japan

    Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) is a student-run organization of the Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences. HPAIR organizes Harvard University’s largest annual student conferences in the Asia-Pacific region. Since 1991, we have continuously gathered a growing pool of international students from top universities, renowned academics, business professionals, and political leaders to engage in our rigorous educational events.

    Technology on the Edge: Exploring the Factors Redefining the Tech Industry Throughout Asia

    In recent years, Asia's fast growing technology companies have thrived in local markets by combining industry knowledge with local "know-how." Nevertheless, disruptive innovations in the sector, such as those arising from increase internet penetration and the shift to mobile devices, are providing unprecedented opportunities as much as they are challenging companies to adapt. Asian technology companies face the additional obstacle of compliance as governments balance incentivizing innovation and imposing further restrictions on the sector.

    This technology panel series will explore the factors currently affecting Asian technology corporations and startups. Industry experts will discuss market factors such as governmental influences, local disruptions, global changes, and societal impacts.

    Fellow Speakers:
    Rikiya Abe, Clement Yongxi Chen, Oranuch (Mimee) Lerdsuwankij, Aurélien Menant, Xinmei Cai, Nick NM Yap, Steve Bissell, Kevin Hale, Ambrish Jain, Eiji Araki, Aravind Ravi Sulekha, Atsuo Takanishi, Jun Murai, Anton Soeharyo, Makiko Eda



    05/04/13 - Coconut Creek, FL

    Broward College will hold its spring 2013 commencement ceremony, where more than 2,400 associate’s degrees will be awarded as well as 135 bachelor’s degrees. Broward College alumna Paola Mariselli will be the commencement speaker. She graduated with highest honors with an associate’s degree in management information systems and earned multiple awards and scholarships, including the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship in 2008. She went on to earn a bachelor's degree at New York University and will be attending Harvard University this fall.

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